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Submit your dissertation draft to the Graduate School for a preliminary format check. In order to submit your draft, you will create an account with the UMI/Proquest site. (This is the site you will use to submit your final approved dissertation.) Complete your dissertation defense, and make any final revisions required by your Committee and The Graduate School. Visit the Thesis & Dissertation portal to view the format guide, ETD samples, templates, and instructions on how to submit your document.

Dissertation Draft In this activity, you will draft the introduction for Chapter 5

•Constructing the penultimate draft out of the complete first draft Back to the dissertation draft: how do you know when you have a penultimate draft, ready for the entire five-member committee? When your first, second, and third readers have commented on a and when you have made the changes they requested, then you will have a complete penultimate draft, ready for the entire committee.

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Some students are convinced that the first dissertation rough draft is actually the final stage of writing this paper. You should keep in mind that the main purpose of this dissertation rough draft is only to reflect all your ideas on paper. You are not expected to produce a perfect dissertation rough draft that can be submitted as the final version of your . On the contrary, your first dissertation draft should be filled with as much relevant information as possible, it might be somewhat disorganized or chaotic- this is still ok, as long as you continue working on improving your paper in the next stage.

Here is some advice for you on how to write the first dissertation draft that will be almost perfect: