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During your academic life, it is quite possible that you have heard about the fact that you will at some point have to write a dissertation; however, you may well be wondering what is a dissertation? A simple dissertation definition would be that it is a major essay that is generally the culmination of your academic studies, which can be largely responsible for the quality of the degree that you end up with.

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One of the starting points of writing a great dissertation is your ability to actually define what the dissertation will be about. The common way to define dissertation is to think of it as a lengthy research based document that demonstrates your mastery of the subject matter in your chosen field by conducting in-depth and focused study on a particular topic. The writing team at DissertationQuest is here 24/7 to assist you in understanding and coming up with dissertation definitions that relate to your field of study, thus allowing for better understanding of what you are about to undertake when starting your dissertation writing process.

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