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Organizing a dissertation defense takes a minimum of six weeks, so start early. Even before the dissertation is completed, students and their dissertation directors should be thinking about who will join the dissertation defense committee and possible dates for the defense to accommodate any travel plans of those involved.

Let us assume that you have done your dissertation to the best of your ability and you have made it air tight. You may still be asked to speak in its defense. If this is the case then here are a few dissertation defense tips to help you overcome your nerves about the whole affair. Firstly you must remember that whoever commissioned you to create the dissertation wants you to succeed.

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Just when you think that the difficult part of dissertation writing has drawn to a close, you realize that you have reached another milestone. This is the time when you have to defend your dissertation. Our dissertation defense tips could get you off to a good start and ensure that the defense is not all that big an ordeal. Most students would look at it as one of the most trying moments of their lives. Though this is true for most, it is possible to make a difficult situation into one that is more than just manageable, with our help.

Now that your dissertation is complete you may be asked to argue its case and come to its defense. The strongest dissertation defense is to have a well thought out and well put together dissertation. If your dissertation is so tight that no one can pick hole in it then its defense is going to be a lot easier.The dissertation director, in consultation with the Department Graduate Advisor and with the Advisor's approval, determines the membership of the Dissertation Defense Committee (what CCAS calls the Final Oral Examination Committee.) The committee should consist of the members of the student's Research Committee and at least two additional members, one of whom must be from outside the department. This outside member may be from another GW department or from another university or similar institution. If the outside member is not a GW faculty member, her or his C.V. must be provided to the Graduate Advisor. Outside members should be active academic researchers holding doctoral degrees. A student's current or prospective immediate supervisor of employment is not permitted to be an examiner. Care should be taken to ensure that the committee proposed represents the necessary fields of expertise to assess the dissertation.