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Just like what we have told you, we will give you some basic dissertation defense questions that you should anticipate come defense day. Here is the first dissertation defense question. What is the main goal of your research? The panel needs to know the very purpose of writing your research paper. Provide an answer that reflects the optimum benefits the readers will get from reading your paper.

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The main advice that we would like to give you is – do not be afraid of dissertation defense questions. You can answer them all!

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Do you remember the final stage of the process? The final stage is your dissertation defense, which can be not less frustrating and challenging than the writing process itself. Still, you will have to take up this challenge and do your best. Otherwise, all your previous efforts will be just a waste of time.

Dissertation defense will be much easier if you get ready for it. You will have to think over your small speech, prepare all the necessary handouts for the committee and even think about your clothes. Even the smallest detail can have a great impact on the outcome of your dissertation defense.

One of the obligatory parts of the dissertation defense will be dissertation defense questions. After your speech all the committee members can ask you different dissertation defense questions. Having good answers is something that will also influence the outcome of the defense.

What are these dissertation defense questions for? Actually, they allow the committee to understand your awareness of the topic. So, if you fail to answer dissertation defense questions, it means you do not get your topic completely. In its turn, it will mean that you cannot get the degree yet.

So, how can you get ready for dissertations defense questions?