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A cover page is the first impression you will give your readers or dissertation committee members about your paper and you research work. This is more like the packaging of your paper. imagine why food manufacturing companies and other product-oriented businesses spend so much on the packaging boxes when they are going to be wasted and are of no use to the consumer. This is because the aesthetical part affects the consumer buying behavior. This is similar with your dissertation cover page. A reader will decide by looking at your cover page whether he wants to continue reading or not. You do not have to give too much of information on this page apart from the basic information about your name, project, university and the title of the paper, the graphical logo of your institute or the professors name. Do not use any fancy fonts in this cover page as well. This needs to be the first page for your formal dissertation, make sure it is plain, simple and effective.

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Writing a dissertation can be a difficult process. In the beginning, students become bogged down in researching their topic. They may spend hours in the library looking up facts, outlining the paper and finding new sources. Once the research process is done, students will still need to create a dissertation cover page. This page will be the first thing that anyone will read from the paper, so it must be professionally done. Students who are struggling with the cover page should use some of these tips to get started.

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Dissertation Cover Page

The oral defense is considered “passed” if the dissertation committee unanimously votes approval. After the successful oral defense of the dissertation, the student should prepare a final version of the dissertation taking into account the comments and suggestions of the committee. After the final changes to the dissertation have been approved, and the dissertation cover page has been signed signaling this approval, the dissertation should be submitted to the Graduate School. The same electronic version (with a scanned copy of the signature page) must be filed with the student affairs coordinator for sharing internally for the department’s faculty and graduate students. More information about Graduate School dissertation formatting guidelines can be found here: