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Please note that we have added information to the dissertation contents requirements regarding the possibility of submitting the review as a review article. There are also additions regarding monographs. The additions are not changes to rules or guidelines, but clarifications only with the aim of a higher degree of convergence between the web text and the guidelines sent to assessors.


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The research part in is the most essential thing, because you have to revised so many things also make a different ideas for making a unique dissertation contents, I would like to share the point no. four which is table of content. You know your topic very well. If you have fully command in your writing topic then you will write it comfortably on your desk.

Next in your dissertation contents table you have to see the faultless alignment of everything your i.e. chapters, sections and sub-sections: the reference list: bibliography: abbreviation list: and the appendices. The tables list and illustrations ought to follow the table of contents and are supposed to list all of these: tables, photographs, photocopies, Xerox copies and diagrams in the order of form.The doctoral dissertation advisor, reading committee, and oral exam committee provide further guidance and details with regard to dissertation content and format. General formatting and submission guidelines are published by the University Registrar. The American Psychological Association (APA) publication guidelines normally apply to GSE doctoral dissertations, but is not required if the advisor and relevant committees determine that an alternative, and academically acceptable, protocol is more appropriate.