Request for Appointment of Dissertation Committee

Not less than four weeks before the date on which the student intends to defend the dissertation, a copy of the final draft of the dissertation must be submitted to each member of the Dissertation Committee. A draft should also be submitted to theGraduate School for a format review. Two weeks before the defense, a written request to hold the final oral examination must be submitted to the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department. Graduate School policy requires that all dissertation defenses must be scheduled at least 10 work days prior to commencement. The Graduate School publishes dissertation deadline dates each semester.

If a dissertation committee member is absent, the following rules apply:

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Overall, dissertation committee members will:

More information about dissertation committee composition, roles, and responsibilities:

Kai's picture with his Ph.D. dissertation committee.
From Left to right: Dr. Allen, Dr. Simaan, Kai (now Dr. Xu :-)), Dr. Longman, Dr. Fowler, Dr. Kysar