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Conventional wisdom says that only the most current materials are useful and in high demand for the sciences. If so, the implications for strained budgets are that journal backfiles for the sciences are a poor investment, and that removing older bound journal volumes to create space and/or reduce shelving expense is a sound collection development decision. That assumption is tested here, using dissertation citations from two science disciplines.

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Citation dissertations can also be really difficult. These are the most important parts of the entire dissertation and will speak volumes about the kind of research that has been carried out. Dissertation citation is one of the most difficult things in the whole dissertation and people often tend to take it for granted, which might lead to huge losses. The dissertation citation is very important as it will reveal the skills possessed by the student. The skills of informed library research and critical analyzing ability of the student are all put to test in dissertation citation. The student will also have to prove the quality of dissertation citation as well as the sources used for the paper with the help of a good author background essay. The dissertation citation can also be annotated. This annotation of dissertation citation will speak about the relevance of the source to the project or research paper. All these are very important when doing a doctoral dissertation citation.

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Of particular interest are citation strategies of doctoral students who are developing their research protocols. This study analyzed the patterns of freestanding URL citations found in University at Albany dissertations between 1996 and 2007. Three distinct years of dissertation citations (2000, 2003, 2006) were tested for accessibility and content accuracy. Each URL was searched using a URL Web browser (Firefox), the search engine Google, and two Web archival tools, the Internet Archive and WebCite. In addition, members of the University's doctoral granting departments were interviewed to determine departmental dissertation citation policies and practices.