I've got the dissertation blues

His most recent works include the book Me: By Jimmy "Big Boy" Valente as Told to Garrison Keillor, a humorous tribute to his state's new governor, and an advice column "for lovers and writers" in the popular online magazine Salon. Here he covers topics such as the dissertation blues, writer's block, step-parenting, and true love. "They wanted me to do a column and I thought that an advice column would be an ingenious way to get the readers to do half the work," he says. Marriage and fatherhood in his fifties make him particularly qualified to dispense such advice. He and his wife are the proud parents of a toddler daughter. Describing his home life in a recent Time magazine essay, he writes, "This is the life of a man who knows grandeur."

The long road to Ph.D. chronicled by my iMac.

“Over the time we worked together you not only showed great insight into the completion process, but you gave me encouragement and an optimistic outlook when the ‘dissertation blues’ set in. For this I will be forever grateful. There were also times, after our phone discussions, that I didn’t like what you had to say, as it meant more re-writing and work on my part. After I reviewed my notes and what was going on in my head, even though I did not like to admit it, I realized that you were right and I had better get back to the drawing board. I know I would never have completed the goal of earning my doctorate with out your input and encouragement. You played a very integral part in my achievement.”

Constructing a Good Dissertation - Dissertation Blues

Dissertation Blues 73 answer is They took the right steps at time called in help when they needed it and above all didn t give up...

at Northern Illinois University yesterday when an award winning former sociology graduate student opened fired on a large lecture class then killed himself. No motives have been found by police.
The Chicago Tribune has obtained an with the teacher of the lecture class in which the shooting took place (Introduction to Ocean Science).
The blog has outlined many of the events, student responses, and even provided a graphic of the layout of the campus.
Currently this is the leading story at the webpage
In the haze of Valentines day bliss and dissertation blues, I completely missed this story yesterday. My tv was off, and I didn’t check the news sites.
There are no words to encapsulate this tragedy.