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It is a part within dissertation blog which gives a brief and consistent summary of your work. The main purpose of writing an abstract is to capture the essence of a dissertation. It is always at the very beginning of a thesis and provides a kind of introductory review before deepening into the dissertation itself.

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Writing a dissertation is a hugely daunting task, sometimes feeling so enormous that it’s too easy to avoid getting stuck into doing it. By posting a (nearly) weekly blog on my progress, I wrote a mental contract with myself to have something new to blog about every week. I felt compelled to do research and read up on my subjects of interest so that I didn’t let my blog slip, partly knowing that I’d made my supervisor and reader aware of the blog; If I stopped posting, maybe they would assume I wasn’t doing anything? Or that I couldn’t follow up with my vow to keep a dissertation blog? By keeping the blog I was demonstrating to myself as much as anyone that I was making steady progress, and the project was kept in perspective.

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