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There are two different versions of the dissertation archive, one for peoplewho will be reading the text files on a PC and a different version for peoplewho will be reading the text files on a Unix-based system (eg. Linux, SGI, Sun,DEC, etc.) This is because PC text files must have a line-feed acarriage-return at the end of each line, plus an end-of-file marker, whereas atext file on a UNIX-based system only uses the line-feed character and doesn'tneed an end-of-file marker.

There are some important reminds you to consider when looking or using a dissertation archives. The first one is about source reliability. As a researcher, you should first identify the most reliable sources of info be it for samples or dissertation guides. A good website can provide you any dissertation papers. However, a reputable website can increase the quality of your research project. Take time to look for an archive that is highly credible.Lastly, you should already have a list of before hitting any archives online. This will shorten the length of time necessary for you to get a sample. Try to come up with a list of dissertation topics that you need. Then once you have found a dissertation archive, specify your search keywords only within those in your list. This will match up to the exact article that is available in the dissertation archive.