Directorate Conducts Seminar on Dissertations and Thesis Databases

Cate, C. A. (2011). Student veterans college experiences: Demographic comparisons, differences in academic experiences, and on-campus service utilization (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Proquest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3481950)

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Beyond its A&M collections the ProQuest Dissertation and Theses database, contains over 2 million citations and abstracts, ranging from the first U.S. disseration accepted in 1861 to those just accepted this past semester. Titles published since 1997 are available full text in PDF format.

Using ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database

Blair, J.P. (1990).  (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 9017106).

McNiel, D. S. (2006). Meaning through narrative: A personal narrative discussing growing up with na alcoholic mother (Master's thesis). Available from ProQuest Dissertation and Theses database. (UMI No. 1434728)

When it comes time for upper-level students to start deciding on what their master thesis or doctoral dissertations will be about, students are advised to review the body of work of already published theses and dissertations relevant to their field of study in full. Once, not too long ago, attaining access to databases was difficult and limiting. Students had to spend endless hours on campus in the university’s library. Now, this is not necessary, and the process is much easier. Use this as a guide for how to get access to a dissertation and theses database.Carne, G. L. (2011). Coming back to college: Middle East veteran student involvement and culture shock (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Proquest Dissertation and Theses database. (UMI No. 3449946)The sample used in this study includes all full-text English doctoral dissertations and master’s theses located using the descriptor distance education submitted to the ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Database (PQDT) in 1998, 2002, and 2007. PQDT (formally known as UMI) is a commercial database housing a searchable archive of published dissertations and theses (see ). This database provided a suitable pool of graduate student research from North America from which we could study this issue. A representative from ProQuest disclosed to the authors that PQDT receives 97.2% of all dissertations and theses from research universities in the United States (276 of 284) and 87.2% (41 of 47) of those from Canadian research universities (personal correspondence, May 17, 2010). Lemos Jr, F. F. (2013). Evaluating GPA and Satisfaction Rates for Veteran Populations Transitioning from Combat to College Classroom (Doctoral dissertation) Retrieved from Proquest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3595296)