dissertation advisory committee

Dissertation adviser: Susan Manning

A reference letter from a thesis or dissertation advisor evaluating the merits of the proposed project and discussing the contributions of the student to his/her field (i.e., presentations, papers, awards, or other evidence of scholarly superiority), and a statement confirming that the students dissertation approval has been approved.

Strategy #4: Attempt to make your Dissertation Advisor a friend/mentor

How to nominate:
(a) Nominations must be made by the dissertation adviser/director or by a senior administrator (dean, director or chair) of the doctoral-degree granting unit. Students may NOT nominate their own dissertation.
(b) The nomination package includes 4 items: (1) the nominator’s supporting letter, (2) an 8-10 page abstract summarizing the dissertation, (3) a PDF of the dissertation, and (4) the nominee’s CV.
(c) The nomination letters, abstracts, dissertations and CVs must be submitted electronically as email attachments on or before 11:59 p.m. (Central), Jan. 20, 2016.

Dissertation adviser: Micaela de Leonardo

Dissertation adviser: Wendy Wall

The outside member should be consulted about the written proposal and should be at the defense if possible. After the proposal defense, the dissertation adviser submits a copy of the proposal to the Program Office, together with a one-paragraph summary of the advice and direction that the Dissertation Committee has provided to the candidate in response to it. This summary should be provided on the .