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Dissertation advice is available with our company, as we can not only give you it, but also to provide dissertation support and assistance in the process of writing. Dissertation is not easy for writing, as it requires not only much time, efforts and knowledge, but also the high level of educational preparedness for this process. Our company will provide dissertation advice on the following issues, such as:

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It’s not surprising to find graduate students having a hard time getting started on their dissertation especially when they lack a plan of attack. The idea of having to go through this final hurdle often put pressure on students that they can’t seem to focus on their work. This is not a good sign especially if you want to achieve your MBA or PhD. Fortunately, there is a way for you to get your dissertation started and that is by looking for expert dissertation advice or .

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Institutions have different criteria for choosing, training and evaluating dissertation advisors. Most commonly there is no standard at all, no special training, and no mechanism in place for evaluating performance. This lack of professional role definition and oversight sets the stage for disaster.

I started this service 2 years ago with 2 of my friends Prof. Walter Connely, PhD in Marketing and Prof Sarah Hewitt, PhD English Literature. Thanks to Prof Walter’s brilliant marketing strategy we were already well known by the time we reached our second month. We were handling an average of 5-10 PhD dissertations per month and we are proud to say we met with all the deadlines with complete satisfaction from our customers. Because of our experience we knew what to write and how to write guaranteeing that your dissertation advisor is left with no objections with your dissertation but only has praise for you.

Dissertation topic selection is the first step towards . Therefore, you are supposed to take considerable time in dissertation topic selection since it is the topic that compels the reader most toward your dissertation. So your topic must be captivating and appealing. You can also ask our expert dissertation writers to help you with dissertation topic selection and you will get FREE dissertation topic advice.