11 letters in word "dissertated": A D D E E I R S S T T.

PhD in pop and consumer culture (aka American Studies). Dissertated on the promotion of yoga in America. Dabbler in the dark, strategic arts of advertising.

The speaker dissertated about the social politics in 18th century England

My dissertation passed with some suggested editorial revisions to be made at the discretion of my promoters with no more involvement from examiners. I’m not sure whether the title doctor becomes truly official until after the revisions, but my panel of examiners did call me “Dr. Thompson.” My examiners evaluated me fairly. I am thankful for their comments on the document along with their questions and feedback during the oral defense.

No anagrams for dissertated found in this word list.

It seems to me that every book reminds me of writing a dissertation.

I like what Adam is doing in his post on vocabulary, in general. I also think it is problematic that flashcards do not provide contexts. And, this is one things that I tried to remedy in the new approach that I tested in my dissertation. There is indeed research that shows that vocabulary learned in a meaningful context is better learned.

The matter is appropriate for a dissertation, which would be as instructive as many other dissertations on matters of antiquity. — intransitive verb ( tated; tating) Etymology: Latin dissertatus, past participle of dissertare, from dissertus Date: 1766 dissert; also to write a dissertation • dissertator noun …