I am not going to dissert on Hood's humor; I am not a fair judge.

A presentation to library colleagues about progress made on making our purchased back-file of electronic theses & dissertations openly available in our institutional repository. Includes usage statistics and contextual information.

He walked over the sea, as over dry land, &c. See Muraturi, Dissert.

This year the Dissertation Award Committee is chaired by Norbert Schwarz and includes Lowell Gaertner and Edward Lemay. For a list of previous winners, see .

Muratori, Dissertazione sopra le Antichita Italiane, dissert.

Warton mentions a similar instance of a grant to the monks of St. Sithin, Dissert.

From Latin disserere (to arrange in order), from dis- (apart, away) +serere (to join). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ser- (to line up),that is also the source of words such as series, assert, desert (to abandon),desert (a dry sandy region), sort, consort, and sorcerer.

April 18, 2014, is the deadline for submitting a nomination for the 43rd annual Dissertation Award given by the Society of Experimental Social Psychology. 3. - PhD (Project Demonstrating Excellence - this can be a traditional dissertation or a final project such as a social action project or article(s) with a contextual document to anchor the project to scholarly issues)""I've had a chance to research this a little further and found a few examples of non-traditional approaches. Also a paper describing some of the changes in doctoral studies written by the Executive Director of Doctoral Programs, University of Maryland University College, May 2001. From that paper: "A Council of Graduate Schools study (1991) of arts & sciences programs found that 19% had officially approved other options for the dissertation."