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We have adopted technology for making digital dissertations. Our main areasof interest is in medical and allied subjects. Completed dissertations can befound on this site.

This week's Chronicle of Higher Education story on digital dissertations:

The New Media Lab promotes the inclusion of digital components in doctoral dissertations at the Graduate Center. Complementing recent efforts to support and promote the innovative use of new technologies at the Graduate Center, this award aims specifically to encourage the creation and inclusion of the ever increasing range of digital solutions as a part of the doctoral dissertation. Digital components may take the form of data visualization and presentation, text analysis, app creation, simulations, and geospatial mapping, among others. With funds from an anonymous donor, up to three awards will be made yearly through 2016. A submission may be a digital dissertation project in any stage—from a preliminary or prototype stage to a near final stage—as long as it is integral to the topic and developed as a part of the final dissertation.

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The Digital Dissertation Series is a series of workshops open to all graduate students at the University of Michigan. The focus is on technology and tools to improve your research and course experience.