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With relevant, realistic, and easily accessible information, this book covers a wide array of issues pertinent to one of the most important milestones of a graduate education-the creation of a dissertation. It is an outstanding book, and adopting it may only lead to better guidance on my part, and success for my students. -- Alexis O. Miranda, California Lutheran University Destination Dissertation is a great addition to any course that seeks to explain the dissertation process to students. Helpful advice and guidance is plentiful and the step-by-step process of completing a dissertation offered by Foss and Waters will help students view the journey as one they can navigate. -- Mary Madden, University of Maine

Destination Dissertation, by Sonja K. Foss and William Waters

Foss, S. K., & Walters W. (2007). Destination Dissertation: A Traveler’s Guide to a Done Dissertation. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: Lanham, MD.

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Destination Dissertation: A Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation [Sonja K

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Jun 3 2012 Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting ... Destination Dissertation: A Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation by ....Destination Dissertation: A Travelers Guide to a Done Dissertation by William Waters Abd Lifeline Dissertations arent walls to scale or battles to fight; they are ....