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Ed Psych & Couns (Counselling) : Students become acquainted with current research designs in both quantitative and qualitative traditions and develop skills in both analyzing research projects and critiquing journal articles. Special emphasis is given to the application of research findings to field settings and clinical process. Lecture, discussion, workshops, and student research presentations are used.

Writing a critique on journal article gives the piece a description of its nature

In analyzing and critiquing journal articles, students are asked to identify elements of the article and classify them according to key ideas, key assumptions, key theories, key experiments, and key results. Students then continue to analyze the article by asking such questions as:

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Critiquing Journal Articles

For this class I also learned about how the Shakespeare plays we read today are actually normally a compilation of different original versions that we have. I had no idea this was even an issue before this class. I honestly thought all the versions were the same. As an assignment we had a digital edition assignment where we specifically looked into certain parts of the text of King Lear. I found out that, in my opinion, critical parts of the play are left out in some versions. I felt like leaving out these critical lines or scenes really affected the reading of the play. This taught me how to investigate the origins of writing more closely. I think I can apply this investigation technique to all subjects including neuroscience. For neuroscience I would be looking at and critiquing journal articles instead of different versions of plays. In looking into research studies I would be reviewing the lab where the results came from and analyzing the procedure, methods, and statistical testing in the study. When writing reviews/critiques about journal articles it is important to be able to explain why or why not certain aspects of the study are valid and what is not.