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Historically, graduate training has involved "learning by osmosis," by placing graduate students into laboratory setting where they may, over time, absorb information and learn how to do research through observation and imitation. This informal route we have enhanced through professional development first year courses in proposal ideation, organizing, writing, and presenting. Additional profession development topics include critical thinking and critiquing articles, intellectual property, research ethics, advisor expectations, and research citizenship. Currently underway is a professional development seminar for PhD candidates (3rd year students), including graduate plan creation, resume development, self-assessment, management and leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and transitions to industrial research and development.

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Once a month, residents and attendings gather together informally to discuss articles in the latest . Junior residents are responsible for presenting and critiquing articles.

Journal Club is usually hosted by one of the attendings at his or her residence. Food and refreshments are provided. Faculty and residents find Journal Club as an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate current orthopaedic topics outside the hospital.

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Critiquing an Article

We published a research magazine at Auburn at that time and John was such a regular contributor to the publication he was named to the Editorial Board, which meant critiquing articles submitted for publication. He jokingly said he was put on the committee because he was such a bad writer that he could easily identify bad writing. In reality, he was not only a good writer, but a good communicator, moving seamlessly among professional colleagues, students and farmers.