Assessment Task 1: Presentation critiquing a research article (Group)

The ultimate goal of nursing research is the generation of an empirical knowledge base to guide nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 2003). With this goal in mind, Koniak-Griffin, Lesser, Uman, and Nyamathi, in their article "Teen Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Unprotected Sexual Activity" (2003), conducted a research study that examined the sexual behaviors and attitudes toward condom use of adolescent mothers from ethnic minority backgrounds. The purpose of this paper is to critique the above research article, which will include a preliminary overview, an analyses of the title, abstract & credentials of researchers, significance of the study and its relevance to nursing, and the ethical framework.

Assessment Task 2: Review essay critiquing a research article (Group) (Maximum 2,000 words)

Any critique is a type of paper, where you need to look critically at what the author is claiming, evaluate the research methods, and look for possible problems with, or applications of, the researcher's claims. Thus, in an introduction to your critique of a research article you will have to overview of the author's main point and how he or she supports it. The next step is interpreting the information from the article. Think about the following:

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This presentation is an academic critique of a qualitative research article written by Anita Jablonski and Mary Ersek (2009) entitled: Nursing Home Staff Adherence to Evidence-Based Pain Management Practices. The study focused on whether or not evidence-based practices in pain management practices in nursing homes were being utilized to manage and assess persistent pain in the geriatric population.