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The ultimate goal of nursing research is the generation of an empirical knowledge base to guide nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 2003). With this goal in mind, Koniak-Griffin, Lesser, Uman, and Nyamathi, in their article "Teen Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Unprotected Sexual Activity" (2003), conducted a research study that examined the sexual behaviors and attitudes toward condom use of adolescent mothers from ethnic minority backgrounds. The purpose of this paper is to critique the above research article, which will include a preliminary overview, an analyses of the title, abstract & credentials of researchers, significance of the study and its relevance to nursing, and the ethical framework.

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Have students read and critique a research article. If the class (orlab) size is under 35, have students present their critiques orally, following . (Remind students that, if they are having trouble thinking of questions to ask about a research study's methodology, Appendix C will help them).

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Critique a Research Article

RN TO BSN programCOURSE TITLE: Nursing ResearchLibrary Assignment Critique a Research ArticleA critique is a method of displaying a logical and organized analysis of a written or oral piece. Critique can provide the readers with both positive and negative outcomes depending on the author. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to perform a critique on a research article that deals with today's health issues. In this paper the student must be diligent at what the author are claiming, taking into account the research methods being utilized and look for pros and cons of the researcher's outcomes. The assignment must be a minimal of five pages, excluding title page and references. The assignment must be strictly following APA guidelines, points will be deducted if otherwise. Do not use first person throughout the paper until the section called evaluate the paper. It will be divided in the following manner:: Give the name of the article, the authors name(s) and your name. Following APPA: : in paragraph form answer the following: : In your conclusion, try to synthesize the pieces of your critique to emphasize your own main points about the author’s work, relating the researcher’s work to your own knowledge or to topics being discussed in your course. Polit,D.F. & Tatano Beck, C. (2012). (9th ed.) ISBN: 978-1-60547-708-4 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5