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In a coursework bank you may find necessary information for writing your own work: necessary structure, requirements, and style. You may study different past courseworks found in such coursework banks in order to find the answers to your numerous questions: how your work should be arranged, what style should be used, how the title page should be created, etc.

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As used in this section: "Coursework in the teaching of reading" means coursework that includes training in a range of instructional strategies for teaching reading, in the assessment of reading skills, and in the diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties; "Phonics" means the techniques and strategies used to teach children to match, blend, and translate letters of the alphabet into the sounds they represent, which techniques and strategies are systematically integrated and thoroughly practiced in a developmentally appropriate instructional program to assist the child in learning to read, write, and spell; "Course in the teaching of phonics" means a course providing the background necessary for effectively teaching and assessing phonics, phonemic awareness, and word recognition, including, but not limited to, the following topics: Phonological and morphological underpinnings of English spellings and the history thereof; The nature and role of word recognition in proficient reading; Methods and rationale for the instruction of phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, and the application thereof in reading and writing; Methods and rationale for the assessment of phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, and the application thereof in reading and writing; The relation of deficits in phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, and word recognition to reading disabilities; "Phonemic awareness" means the awareness of sounds that make up spoken words and the ability to use this awareness of sounds in reading.