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While earning a PhD in criminal justice degree is a great way to broaden one’s career opportunities, it is also a great way to gain a valuable and comprehensive education in criminal justice, public safety studies and research. The coursework for PhD students involves a rigorous curriculum of advanced level criminal justice and legal classes to help provide them with a strong foundation of knowledge and practical and leadership skills that are needed in order for them to work in a variety of upper-level positions. Here is a brief overview of classes that students enrolled in the Doctorate in Criminal Justice degree program may be required to take.

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Coursework curriculum is designed to promote the knowledge and learning skills of students. The conception of coursework curriculum is inevitable for primary, secondary and higher education, but the configuration of coursework for PhD studies is relatively unique. Moreover, the design of coursework for PhD curriculum involves the following feature which thereby enhances its intensity.

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What are the arguments for and against introducing coursework for PhD students?

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