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This position concerns my exam timetable, or lack thereof. I have no finals. None. Not even one as a final token; no sprinkling of exam conditions, dashed, like Tabasco, through my coursework centred degree, spicing up my last year.

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In postgraduate research programs, students undertake supervised research, the major component of which is a research project leading to the production of a thesis. The , and .

The research masters and doctoral degrees have two intents. One is to prepare a substantial piece of work, which represents a significant contribution to the particular field of study, while the other is to train candidates in the general area of research methodology, equipping them with skills which will serve them in any area of research.

Research experience is mandatory for entry into research degrees such as the Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Science, normally via the completion of an which has included a written thesis. Is you have not competed an Honours research year, we recommend the which is an Honours-equivalent year.

Applying for a research degree program is a different process to applying for a coursework degree program, as it is essential that potential students contact a supervisor first. Potential supervisors and projects are searchable at .


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Entry requirements
Entry typically requires a combined research and coursework masters degree or a bachelor honours degree. In addition, considerable professional experience is required either before or during the course.