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Examinations and Coursework Deadlines

This is designed to help you deal with stress before, during and after exams and in the run up to coursework deadlines. The tutorial will take 10 minutes.

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There are quite a few young boys and girls in high school who would love to behave like proverbial cats. This is a common tendency when one is talking about the subject of coursework deadlines. Close your eyes and the world around you gets completely dark in a moment –this is what a cat does when it is stalked by a predator. Look at the deadlines and close your eyes and deadlines just disappear – just what one would refer to as wishful thinking! How we wish that high school life was that simple.Coursework deadlines are final deadlines so no slack time is allowed. The coursework deadline is like the time of a formal examination. It cannot be moved by you or a module leader.