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Copy writing services and copy editing services are yet to earn their place in online industry. We understand your privacy considerations and we guarantee confidentiality. It means that your name or contact details will not be disclosed to third parties, including copywriters.

I offer a freelance copy editing service to publishers. This involves:

If you have written a family history, or a story which you intend to publish, and you want to be confident that your style is of the same standard as your research or creativity, then our copy editing service could be for you.

Professional Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Our copy editing services conform to the Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

In my early days of proposal writing, I once received a compliment from my supervisor. “You tell a good story,” he said. Whether a proposal or a research paper, most scientific writing tends to have a story line, of discovery, for example. Like a detective investigating a crime, the researcher gathers clues from experiments to solve a mystery. Telling a good story is both an art and a skill and a copy editing service can help.

Did you know that hiring a professional copyeditor can cost you as much as $40 per hour? What if you need to proofread and edit 100 pages? You can definitely not afford to pay a month’s salary on copyediting services. WritersServices provides a high-quality professional copy editing service that offers great quality and value at an excellent price point.Allow us to help refine and polish your book before you publish. With our Copyediting service, a professional editor will review your manuscript and give you suggested corrections for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and correct any typos present in the text.Above all, students frequently neglect the necessity for thorough edits. Copy editing services may be a good solution for individuals who understand the value of having a professional editor look through their writings. Sometimes, apparent errors in style or format may be invisible for you only because you do not pay attention to those elements, while our editors will immediately notice and correct all mistakes.