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(Consumer Lab Report's Clinical Report) We are very excited about this next part. After 9 months of clinical trials based off of 2-month supplies, the results are astonishing! 94% of the patients in our clinical study noticed breast growth of at least 1 cup size! An even bigger bonus we found was that actually helps lift breast tissue in women with sagging breasts due to new cell growth!

(Consumer Lab Report's Clinical Report) Women today know how important skincare is

In Oct 2010, Consumer Lab announced a report on Krill Oil products sold in the Market. Report evaluated Krill products for their EPA/DHA & Freshness (Totox Values) In the report one Krill Oil product has failed all the parameters of testing whereas Source Naturals Arctic Pure Krill Oil has gained an approval for meetings its quality and label claims.Since the scope of brands in this test was very limited, there was no mention of leading mass market brands which is sold in U.S. Another Krill Oil supplier Enzymotec has participated in voluntary testing program (Consumer Lab charges a fee to participate) to have its both Pure & High Grade Blend products to be tested by Consumer Labs which has passed the test and was part of the Consumer Labs Report.

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Consumer Lab Report on Krill Oil: Quality Markers of Krill Oil

When it comes to choosing a vitamin it pays off to do a little research on your own. Some companies are simply looking to put out the absolute cheapest and lowest quality products to make a buck; while others actually pride themselves in delivering the highest quality vitamin possible to their customers. Utilizing the Consumer Lab Vitamin Report and following the recommendations of experts like Dr Oz you are well on your way to ensuring that you are providing the healthiest products to your families and resulting in a healthier happier family!

(Consumer Lab Report's Clinical Report) Women today know how important skincare is. We are our own worst critics. We see our fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles every time we look in the mirror, and that’s on a good day. We notice when our skin begins to sag, when it loses its elasticity and radiance. We get sun spots, hyperpigmentation and scars and we hate that we can’t just turn back the clock to the good ol' days. What is Beachbody’s response to the Consumer Labs report (posted 6/11/13), where they have declared that Shakeology Greenberry is ‘not approved’ according to their standards, due to lead contamination?

Thank you for your question. Consumer Labs raises a “concern” but unfortunately, while they seek to inform consumers, they may be actually misleading consumers by not distinguishing between harmful heavy metals and those that are naturally occurring in plants, vegetables and minerals (including naturally occurring lead). In fact, it is specifically because Beachbody uses whole-food plant based natural ingredients in products like Shakeology, rather than synthesizing a product in a lab ,that it does include naturally occurring heavy metals along with the countless other benefits nature provides. Most of the fruits, vegetables and herbs we consume every day, even when organically grown and picked right out of the ground, also contain various levels of naturally occurring lead. It is very important to note that Beachbody never adds any heavy metals to any of its products and that we strictly follow good manufacturing practices to make sure that we are always delivering on our promise to our Coaches and customers in only creating programs and products, including Shakeology and all of our other supplements, which help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.