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This reminds me - I must see what records remain of my GCSE Computer Studies coursework (1988 - the first year of such a thing). We had to write a program, make a promotional teletexty-style carousel, word process something and, er, something else - maybe a flow chart? I duly made them all part of a larger project: Love Bytes, a computer dating agency for (40? 80?) fourth years. (Teletext was a promotional thing that ran on the school's BBC Bs; word processing doc was the form; program did the matching etc). Some people were matched to their at-the-time partners, and some to their exes, and one participant to his twin sister, so I happily took that to be a measure of rudimentary success. (ps: the Ashley Cole link is b0rked)

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Also included in the Junior Cycle is Social, Personal and Health Education.