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The Computing Science major requires a total of 44 hours of Computer Science coursework, which includes 26 hours of CS required courses and 18 hours of degree specific courses. General degree requirements must also be met. The 44 hours of coursework for the Computer Science major should be distributed as follows (Note: CSTE courses may not be used to meet this requirement):

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A major in computer science includes a 12-hour area of concentration. This allows students to design a course of study that complements their computer science coursework and takes advantage of opportunities offered by other departments across the University.

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If adopted, Iowa would join about 25 other states that require some type of computer science coursework for high school graduation.

In addition to meeting the admission requirements of the Graduate School, individuals seeking admission to the CS program should have completed discrete mathematics, at least two semesters of calculus, matrix or linear algebra, and at least one semester of calculus-based statistics. Additional requirements include 15 hours of computer science coursework including knowledge of one structured or object-oriented programming language such as C/C++, elementary data structures, assembly language, advanced data structures, and introductory computer architecture; and must have approval of the Department. Applicants must also submit their official scores from the GRE General Test.