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In addition to the Medical School Interview Workshops, Dean Novarr also leads Glide Year Planning Sessions for Postbac students nearing the end of their Columbia coursework. Many students take a “glide year” after completing the Postbac Premed Program and before entering medical school. The glide year gives medical school applicants the opportunity to gain more medical experience and to further enhance their applications, making them more appealing applicants to medical school admissions committees. In these workshops, Dean Novarr introduces students to clinical and research opportunities, academic programs, and medical policy initiatives that will help them make the most of this time.

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To enroll in a course at one of Columbia’s graduate or professional schools, students must have approval from GS. Students should consult their GS advisors to request a cross-registration petition form, which is required as part of the approval and registration process. Students must follow the cross-registration policies established by the various graduate and professional schools, must have permission to enroll from the instructor of the course, and in some instances must have the permission of the school in which the course is offered. A student must have completed one semester and 15 points of Columbia coursework and be in good standing within GS to be eligible to petition for coursework in another school. If a course is cross-listed within the course offerings of an undergraduate program or department, students do not need to file a special petition.

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coordinators at CityU each semester to ensure that students are completing the necessary degree requirements for CityU through their Columbia coursework.

MAT: ESOL: If you want to teach in grades K-12 in public schools in the U.S., and you don't have teaching experience in that environment, this is the program you should consider. It satisfies all the District of Columbia coursework requirements for public school ESOL licensure (certification), and DC certification is recognized in more than 30 states. In addition to the MAT: ESOL coursework, you will also need to pass the PRAXIS exam, and may have to take additional undergraduate courses depending on your academic background and the jurisdiction you plan to be working in. For more information about the MAT: ESOL program visit the .