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Business Coursework Masters Entry Requirements

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Format and Length: The MBA in Business Analytics is a 60 quarter-credit program that includes 15 credits of Foundation Knowledge , 24 credits of MBA core courses, and 21 credits of Business Analytics coursework. Some or all of the Foundation Knowledge requirements may be waifed for students who have completed prior Business coursework and/or have significant professional experience. Foundation requirements are determined through a review of your transcript and resume. The time to complete the program will vary depending on the number of Foundation courses required, the number of courses taken each term, and your start term.

Business Coursework Masters Entry Requirements

Business Coursework:

Even if you have no questions, we recommend that you draft a plan for all your remaining business coursework during the first term of your sophomore year and make an appointment to review that plan with an advisor. If you are a transfer student who will be a junior or senior, you should prepare a similar plan and review it with an advisor during your first term at KSU. Make sure you schedule this review several weeks prior to registration for the next term, before the lines get long.