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There are plenty of sites out there that offer you the book editing services that you are looking for. However, it is up to you to find the book editing companies that provide the level of service you need to produce the best book possible. Guru Editing has a group of writers that specialize in all different areas so that you can get an editor that has knowledge of what you are writing about. When we are editing books, rest assured we are dedicated to you and your specific needs.

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Ready to release your work to the constructively critical eyes of an experienced book editor? If so, your manuscript to Sibia Proofreading today. Our online book editing services will help you hone your final draft in preparation for submission to publishing agents.

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Professional book editing services, proofreaders, editors, book designers, indexers, and publishing consultants.

For book editing services, the payments will be due in sections consisting of roughly three chapters each (or each section can be any size the author likes). A nonrefundable advance retainer is due up front for editing the first section. At the end of any section, either you or I have the option of walking away from the partnership if we are not satisfied with the results. If we both decide to continue, payment for each new section is required in advance. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, and you can pay me through PayPal as well.

Ebook Editing Services is a service designed exclusively for helping self-publishers and ebook publishing companies. Our editing services will correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization, and many other types of errors. We do this while maintaining the overall voice, tone, and idea of the original author.Nonfiction writers who are lucky enough to get a publishing contract needn't worry about having a perfectly edited manuscript. They don't have to rack their brains over where to find book editing services. The publisher will take charge of editing the book. Nonfiction publishers often accept manuscripts that are a complete mess. The writing may be ungrammatical, the thoughts disjointed, a million and one problems could exist. In these cases, the publisher depends on a take-no-prisoners copy editor to do whatever is necessary. The in-house editors may even jump in to edit parts of the book.