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Students writing their bachelor seminar dissertation with the Department of International Business will have to attend this seminar in order to present and discuss the key outcomes of their dissertation. In order to write the bachelor dissertation and participate in the bachelor seminar, students will have to attend beforehand the seminar “Introduction into Research Methodology”, also offered by the Department of International Business. There is a small but compulsory examination for the Research Methodology seminar which students will have to take before starting the dissertation writing period. The final mark will be based on the dissertation, its presentation and the methodology seminar exam mark.

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Writing your is going to take dedication and perseverance, you have a lot of work to do in a very short space of time. Many students look at the timescale and sit on their hands for weeks before they start. This is a big mistake if you really want to produce an impressive bachelor dissertation. You have to start your work from day one and conduct your research. Our experts can help you with every aspect of your bachelor dissertation and can provide you with as much or as little support as you need.

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The grade of your Bachelor dissertation is a weighted average of the grades of the dissertation (12 ECTS) and the oral exam (3 ECTS).

Module 1: Dental hygiene – subject, profession and study programme
Module 2: Dental hygiene – health and disease
Module 3: Dental hygiene – basic clinical practice
Module 4: Dental hygiene – health-education practice
Module 5: Dental hygiene – expanded clinical practice
Module 6: Dental hygiene – community health promotion and prevention
Module 7: Dental hygiene – profession and method
Module 8: Dental hygiene – professional relationships and interactions
Module 9: Dental hygiene – people with special needs
Module 10: Quality assurance, clinical reasoning and treatment
Module 11: Knowledge base and method (bachelor dissertation)
Module 12: Self-employed professional practice