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There are many bonuses in working with web reviewers. Very often they are available all the time, so you can ask the progress of the article critique or any other questions anytime you need. In fact, if a reviewer needs your assistance, you can also save time and take up using various messengers and/or other telecommunications application software. The main emphasis of the article critique is on the final comments and feedback provided by the reviewer. The final summary of the article critique shows the article value, originality and importance. As soon as the article critique is ready you should check everything and use it when required.

The structure of an article critique is typically the same as for an .

Critiquing an article is not the same as summarising it. An article critique may sometimes be very difficult to write because it does not allow for creative and personal input. Instead, it requires detailed and evidence-backed discourse that either concurs with or refutes the claims in a published article.

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Nursing Home Staff Adherence to Evidence-Based Pain Management Practices Article Critique

The purpose of writing journal article critiques and abstracts is tohave you: (a) explore the current professional special education literaturein your teaching major or minor that discusses school survival skills,academic curriculum modifications, teaching strategies, or behavior managementtechniques for individuals with exceptionalities; (b) learn how to criticallyreview and evaluate such articles; and, (c) learn how to write an abstractof the contents of such articles so that you and others can discuss anduse the information learned from the article.