Department of Art History Dissertation Prize:Chriscinda Henry

Since coming to VCU, I’ve developed my interest in historiography. My research on art history and its formation as a discipline in early nineteenth-century Berlin is connected to my monastic libraries project through a continuing concern with intellectual life and the formation of modes of scholarship. I’ve been extremely fortunate to find so many documents in the archives in Berlin. I’ve been able to determine what classes were actually taught and to whom, and who was approving the first art history dissertations before there were professors with doctoral degrees in the field.

Department of Art History Dissertation Prize:Christina Normore

The equips students to undertake higher level study in art history. You must commence your studies towards the MA in Art History with the part 1 module and follow this with the Art History part 2 module, which concludes with the art history dissertation.

Department of Art History Dissertation Prize:Allison Morehead

Department of Art History Dissertation Prize:Joy Beckman

That freedom also bring a challenge, in that students need to define a course of study and a dissertation project that make sense outside of their own heads, that will actually work out in the world. I come back to the experience I had with my dissertation. Although it was in some ways a straightforward art history dissertation, it had chapters on library history and monastic history as the basis for chapters analyzing the libraries’ painted decoration and architecture. Each of the chapters easily falls in a different discipline, so people didn’t know what to do with it, and I was not prepared to help them see what I had to offer as an art historian.