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Literature review is an abstract of the published and accessible information pertaining to your architecture dissertation topic. The information you select to review and analyse should come from trustworthy and authentic sources. It is important since it makes you aware of the conducted research and helps you stay focused to find out new angles to look at your own architecture dissertation.

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Though writing architecture dissertation is just not a child’s play, you can write your architecture dissertation as charming as ancient Greek architecture and fascinate your dissertation committee with a highly skilled written architecture dissertation. You must be well aware of the types of architecture dissertation such as landscape architecture, Gothic architecture, modern architecture, Southern architecture, aesthetics and architecture, vernacular architecture, etc. As you can see, you have many options to write your architecture dissertation. All you need to focus now is to follow architecture dissertation writing guidelines so that you can make a dissertation which thoroughly impresses your dissertation committee and win you the most desired degree of your life. An architecture dissertation introduction serves as the reason to establish context for research. It further provides information about the research question and ends with a clear hypothesis.