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A non-academic elective includes subjects such as art, music, physical education, drama, work experience, etc. Non-academic courses such as these receive 5 credits per year, or 2.5 per semester. Grades from non-academic courses are NOT calculated into the student's GPA. Parents may opt to report non-academic coursework with a letter grade or a pass/fail grade (P/F). To receive credit for a non-academic elective, parents should submit a short written description of the course with the report card. Note that all three require some type of non-academic coursework for graduation. Examples of common non-academic electives include Piano, Music Appreciation, Computer Applications, Driver's Education, Drawing, and Painting.

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EAP 6111 is is a 3-credit, 3-contact-hour course. However, it will not count toward a graduate degree in most fields in the University. To meet federal visa requirements for full-time status, graduate students in EAP 6111 must enroll in a minimum of six (6) credit hours of academic coursework (in addition to EAP 6111). See .

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NOTE: Academic Coursework can earn RID CEUs after the course has been completed. The course must be taken within your current CMP cycle.