The abstract of your dissertation explains what will be written in your dissertation. It has to be interesting and encourage the reader to read the remainder of the dissertation. If you are able to arouse interest of the reader, your dissertation will be well-received. It is crucial to have a perfect dissertation abstract, and you can write a dissertation abstract the way it is supposed to be written and the way it is expected by your professor if you have the right assistance.

The abstract of your dissertation is the first impression readers will have of your research

These dissertation abstracts are submitted to the American Studies Association by American Studies graduate programs and by recent American studies Ph.D.s. These abstracts are added to the ASA website on a continuing basis. These pages contain only abstracts of dissertations.

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Abstract of Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy (College of Criminal Justice)

Your abstract in Dissertation Abstracts International

Most likely, you will also have to write an abstract of your dissertation and submit it to DAI. This is what you should consider: