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My diverse A-Levels have allowed me to develop valuable skills, both analytical and interpersonal. I've regularly participated in activities such as enterprise events; requiring leadership, teamwork and effective communication, fundamental qualities. Independent learning and time management were particularly important for my A2 ICT coursework in which I created a Java-based backup system for use by an organisation. This idea was inspired by software I originally wrote in BASH for personal use and my desire to learn Java as I know it's commonly taught at degree level. Not only has this experience given me an opportunity to improve my technical abilities, it's given me a better appreciation for meeting deadlines and of software engineering principles. As far as programming goes, I'm entirely self-taught and have been programming as a hobby for over five years. Besides Java, I've used AppleScript and the UNIX shell to automate tasks, modified simple open-source programs written in C or Python to fix bugs, add features and improve my knowledge; and more recently dabbled in mobile programming for HP WebOS. I aim to be familiar with as many platforms as possible, mainstream or otherwise. I view CS as an engineering discipline; with a versatile array of tools and a need to select the correct ones to solve the problem in an efficient and elegant way.

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A2 ICT coursework sounds like an obscure set of words

If you ask your teacher about the main criteria for assessing your A2 ICT coursework, you will find out that the clarity of your paper is at the top of the criteria list.

From the first look, it seems that there is nothing complicated about making your coursework clear. You should simply write – and everything will be clear. My dear friend, you will understand how hard it is to reflect your thoughts on paper once you start writing your A2 ICT courseworks.

So, how do you make your A2 ICT coursework clear and up to the point?

Our first advice: write for real people, write for your target audience, keeping in mind their peculiarities. In other words, if you are writing your A2 ICT coursework for other students, not all of them will be able to understand the terminology you are going to use. So, you need to give definitions of all specific terms used in your A2 ICT courseworks. Certainly, if the target audience is your course examiner, you might leave out this explanation (unless, he/she asked you to include it). While writing your A2 ICT coursework for the examiner, you should present a deep analysis of the issue, describing the slightest details of your research. Your A2 ICT coursework examiner wants to know everything!

Our second coursework advice: your points should be direct and straightforward without some blurry meanings and unclear hints. Your A2 ICT coursework is not a detective story, where all the secrets are kept till the last page – your A2 ICT coursework should gradually develop the main idea.

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