how EXACTLY should i write a reaction paper?

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And so on and on. Beside the obvious problems with this as an essay qua essay (e.g., clarity and focus of thesis, paragraphing, the various transitions [hardy-har], sentence structure, unclear words and sentences, misspellings and homonym problems, and gross punctuation errors), it is not a reaction paper as we're to come to learn it. While it does attempt to demonstrate - kind of - that the writer at least both read Gray's essay and saw his video, it does not by any imaginative stretch concern the writer's understanding of "self-positioning" on the material. In other words, a good computer application ("Travesty," for example) could've generated this - with far fewer grammatical and spelling errors. The four-hundred forty two words this scholar (a junior, as I recall) submitted actually say precious little. That is, while it shows that the writer did look at a few of the nuts-and-bolts of both the projects, it does not establish any form of understanding as to how the whole machine might work. And that, boys and girls, is where our interest lies.

Essay Tips: How to Write a Reaction Paper

"A Reaction Paper on the article “Your Nine-Month Guide to Eating and Gaining”"

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