A good dissertation is a done dissertation.

What makes a good dissertation topic? GSAS’s resident expert on the subject is , the longtime at the Graduate School, whose own PhD (from the University of Chicago) is in musicology. Her answer:

Making a Good Dissertation Topic Great

No matter which type of the abstract you are writing, the secret of writing a good dissertation abstract is similar. Below are the steps for dissertation abstract writing:

Constructing a Good Dissertation - Introduction

Constructing a good dissertation is a guide to writing good dissertations. The approach is both practical and sensible.

Naturally, any student will wish to write a good . The dissertation represents a major portion of a student's grade in a degree program, so writing a good dissertation will go a long way toward earning the student a good grade in the program. In addition, a good dissertation will serve a student well after the degree is complete. Good dissertations can aid their writers in earning further academic and job placements.

To put this in another way, a good dissertation topic should be one that will allow you to produce a professional polished piece of work within a limited amount of time and with a limited amount of cost. In this regard, it is most helpful to get advice from experienced scholars on how to limit the scope of a project without limiting the significance of the questions addressed." So what are the elements of a good dissertation? They are a good topic, good research, good planning, and good writing. In other words, if the student takes care to work diligently through the entire dissertation process, from initial idea to finished paper, there is little doubt that his or her work will result in a good dissertation.