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In this section, which is considered the most important part of lab report formatting, you can be a bit more creative and elaborate by interpreting your results, expanding on them, and noting general conclusions. Here are a few guidelines:

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This Lab Report Format is generally suitable for a Descriptive Lab - a lab which does not use a Hypothesis; the procedure is followed and your findings are reported.

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Lab Report Format

IMPORTANT: These tips are particularly relevant to your NR 1 lab reports. You should ask your instructor about any class specific lab report format expectations. While usually separate sections, many NR instructors prefer these sections to be combined. Remember that the results section (portion) introduces the reader to the important data/findings, but does NOT discuss/interpret/etc. It is just “telling” (usually written in passive voice and past tense). The discussion section (portion) is where you interpret data, draw conclusions, critically analyze, synthesize data, suggest further study, etc.

It is important to know the Experimental Skill for which you are being assessed and its corresponding Lab Report Format. The Template below is suitable for the assessment of: